How to get rid of flies

The mere mention of flies itself is enough to make us feel irritated. The main types of flies that we find around our houses are Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, Phorid Flies and Sphaerocerid flies. The proper identification of the various types of flies will help in its effective eradication. Drain flies are commonly found near drains, septic tanks and sewage-contaminated soil. Phorid flies are commonly seen at all places of decay. They are found around rotten fruits, human corpse, contaminated soil, garbage etc. Sphaerociated flies usually fly around manure and damp organic material. Fruit flies are generally yellow in colour. Drains are not the only place that serves as breeding ground for them. The eggs of fruit flies can be found in all possible sources of stagnant water. They are those small insects, which are one-third the size of the housefly. They are generally found around vegetables and fruits, especially when they get rotted. They can also be spotted in places where garbage gets dumped. Fruit flies are the most common menace that is found in our surroundings, both at stores and houses.

Fruit flies, also called as vinegar flies, can be effectively controlled to a considerable extent by putting fermented materials and leftover foodstuffs in a waste bin that is kept away from your house. Decayed vegetables and rotten fruits should also be destroyed effectively. Pomace flies, belonging to the same family sometimes suddenly appear from thin air. Stagnant water is the most possible reason for this. A forgotten mop pail or an open sewer drain is enough for pomace flies to visit your kitchen.

Due to its association with such unhygienic places, flies are potential carriers of bacteria. Ensure that you do not leave the uneaten half portion of fruits open on table, as it is likely to provide cradle for flies’ eggs. Eating the larvae of flies is sure to cause intestinal irregularities. ‘Sanitation’ is the golden word in fly eradication. By getting rid of organic debris you can effectively check the fruit flies from completing their cycle of metamorphosis.


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