How to get rid of those junk foods

Junk foods are those foodstuffs that are most likely to lead to health hazards. Junk foods will be rich in salt, fat and sugar and will be poor in fibre content. These components might make the dishes tastier but are enemies of health.

Consumption of food materials that are high in saturated fat content makes a person prone to heart attack. The fatty elements get accumulated within the blood vessels and prevent enough blood from reaching heart, brain and other organs. Foodstuffs with high salt level put you at risk of increased blood pressure. Sugar results in the production of lots of energy. If not properly utilised, it will get deposited within the body and the person will become obese. Lack of enough fibre will result in constipation and might end in colon or bowel ailments.

Of course, our days may be running fast, but make sure that our food pattern is not in the same line. Fast foods contain lots of this unnecessary fat, salt and sugar and thereby are not at all beneficial to health. It is high time we start thinking about healthy fast foods that can be prepared at home. Bread, a rich source of carbohydrate, can be effectively used as a base for preparing the homemade fast foods. Make sure that you trim off the skin and take away fat from meat. Avoid excess use of cooking oils. Add more fresh vegetables and green leaves while you prepare your fast-dish. Make sure that your dessert contains plenty of fruits. As far as possible, minimise the use of sweets. Last, but not the least do make sure that you drink several glasses of water daily. Try drinking fruit juices instead of those soft drinks and energy boosters. If you cannot effect all the changes together, try making one small change a week. Eating healthy is sure to make you look and feel great.

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