How to get sunless tan

You do not have to sweat under the hot sun and tire yourself for getting tanned. Self-tanning methods helps you in getting tanned by cooling yourself in the comfort of your home. Self-tanning will be made more effective if certain tips are closely observed. It is advisable not to shave your legs just before applying sunless tanners.

People with sensitive skin should strictly keep themselves away from shaving their legs several hours before tanning. You need to exfoliate as you bath with a soft cotton washcloth. It is better to avoid nylon scrubbers as they cause a streaky effect on the skin. It is better to go for exfoliating agents that contain polyethylene as its active ingredient.
While applying sunless tanners, ensure that you are wearing dark-colored outfits such as a black bathing suit. It is found that wearing the same outfit every time you get yourself tanned provides better results.

Sponge paintbrushes available at all hardware stores are found to be most effective tools in self tanning your back.

It is better to choose brushes that are two to three inches in size. Compared to plastic handled brushes, ones with wooden handles are better as they help in preventing skin scratches.

It is advisable not to go for tanning sprays. It is practically difficult to spray tan your body evenly. You can get the stuff sprayed to a sponge paintbrush and then get it applied all over the body. Make sure that your hands are washed at least every five minutes while applying the tanner. It is better to scrub your palms, fingers, and fingernails with a soapy nailbrush.

After applying the f, it is important to rub elbows and knees well with a little lotion in order to lighten the tan effect. Lotion should be rubbed well around the wrists and ankles in order to get them blended rightly with the arms and legs respectively.


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