How to get those ripe red lip look

Never ever does red lip fall out of fashion. It is not just one red now. Apart from the classic red shade that suits light-skinned women, there are orange based and brick red shades available. While the brick red shade is adored by medium-complexioned women, dark-skinned women go for that intense bluish red shade.

With a little care and effort, you can easily achieve the “right” red lips. The basic thing to ensure before applying any lipstick is that the flaky dry lips are well concealed. A liquid foundation or a good concealer should be applied on the outside edge of the lips in order to prevent the lip colour from “feathering”.

A lip stain is sure to highlight your lips with its natural ruby-tinted shade. It helps the colour of your deep red lipstick to stay in place for hours together. Immediately after applying the stain, press both your lips together and wait for at least ten seconds for the stain to set completely. It is advisable to use a lip brush for applying the lipstick neatly and evenly.

The lip liner that you use should certainly go hand in hand with your lipstick. The liner should be applied to the entire lip and not merely on the edges. Lip liner defines the lip boundaries clearly.

It is extremely important to condition your lips with a good lip gloss. Applying the gloss protects the lips from extreme sun. Moreover, gloss lets the skin on the lips soften and also protects them from being greasy. Lip gloss makes your lips look fresh even at the end of a tiring day.

The shade of red that you opt for should certainly be complimentary to your skin tone. Subtle shades such as metallic brownish lip tint complements all sort of skin tone. You should also have the colour of your garment in mind as you select the day’s lipstick.


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