How to grow a tempting beard

For some men, growing a beard is one of the simplest activities of life. They develop great beards just by not shaving for a required time period. But, not all are so fortunate.

Majority of men find it difficult to get that ‘dream beard’ that they badly wish to have on their face. However, it is essential that beard growing is strictly accompanied by an effective strategy in order to get the beard of your dreams.
The basic step to make is to allow the hair on your face to grow long enough for it to be shaped later according to your wish.

The pace of hair growth will vary from one man to another. Hair should be allowed to fill in all the vacant spaces around your lips, on your cheeks and under your chin. However, in some men facial hair will not just fill in, as it will come out only in tufts.

On an average, it will take almost a month for the beard to fill in your face. You are sure to feel severe itching during this phase. It is advisable to use a good shampoo to wash your full beard. You can expose your beard to the same shampoo that you apply on your head. Itching indicates that your beard is now full and can be shaped. A beard trimmer will help you if what you need is complete stubble.

Before trimming, it is important that you decide on a definite neckline around the bottom of your beard. An improperly set neckline will give an impression of an unruly beard.

Extreme care should be given while removing the stray whiskers that grow near the eyes and around the cheekbones. It is advisable to seek the help of an expert beard-trimmer as you cut your beard short for the first time. Once you cut your beard short, you are sure to be saved from the itching menace.


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