How to handle stomach ache in kids

Stomach aches are sure to affect children at some stage of their lives. Most of the time, it is due to some minor disorder that quickly gets cured with or without medication. Stomach ache can be due to a variety of reasons.

Associated symptoms that occur in children suffering from stomach ache include diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting. It is common for children to lose their appetite as well. Along with stomach, they also experience pain in other body parts such as the back, chest, pelvis, rectum, scrotum or legs.

Appendicitis, constipation, infections, food-related problems, stress and injury are the most likely causes of stomach ache in children. It is important that the underlying cause of the disorder gets cured for the stomach ache to subside effectively. Rarely, more intense medical treatment such as surgery will also be required.

It is advisable for mothers to breast feed their babies as it minimizes the risk of the child being infected with many disorders that are otherwise likely to upset their abdomen.  Bottle-fed babies are more prone to be affected by infections such as influenza which often trigger stomach ache in them.

It is important that your kids are trained in basic habits of cleanliness at their tender age itself. Children should be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. Such a practice minimizes the risk of the child being exposed to viral infection. Most of the contagious disorders caused by virus often lead to severe stomach pain.

If the child reports to have severe stomach pain that does not get subsided within a couple of hours, it is advisable to contact a physician, preferably a pediatrician. Traces of blood in the urine or stools are yet another symptom which demands immediate medical aid.

Parents should ensure that all instances of surgical history or abdominal injury are brought under the concerned doctor’s notice along with the present symptoms.


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