How to help teething babies

No doubt, the sight of your baby in pain and not able to help is the worst situation a parent can be in. Cutting tooth is one such situation. Some parents are indeed lucky as their babies do not show any discomfort as the first tooth cuts its way out. But some babies have a real miserable teething time and of course, you need to help them. Medications, ointments, herbal remedies, cold packs are all available to lessen his discomfort. Teething becomes all the more difficult, as the pain is likely to worsen during night. A painful mouth is sure to make the baby refuse his food, bite when being nursed, drool enough to make a whole swimming pool etc. ‘Drool rashes’ are also likely to develop.

Most parents mistakenly believe that teething will not occur for less than six-month-old babies. Teething can get initiated even when the child is three months old and it does not end after the first tooth pops out. It is indeed a continual process which takes a few years to be completed.

If you find your baby being troubled by sore mouth, let him chew on something cold. If the gums are swelled, a wet wash cloth is an ideal thing for him to chew. Refrigerated teething rings, chilled vegetables are all other options. Whole chilled carrots are found to be safe and effective. Numbing gum gels can be bought from the drug store, but you should ensure that only minimal amounts are being applied. Numbing the gums before breast feeding is found to be extremely helpful. If he allows you to massage, press a clean finger gently on the gums and he is sure to get some relief. Vibrating teeth toys are also available.

If you fail miserably in soothing your child who simply can not sleep due to pain, you should certainly ask your paediatrician to prescribe some pain relieving pills.


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