How To Improve The Immune System

The immune system of the body includes white blood cells, amino acids and some specialized organs. The major function of immunity system is the elimination of toxic and disease-causing agents and mutating cells.As the autumn weather sets in, the resultant cold temperature makes runny noses and sniffles appear everywhere. One might wonder whether the runny noses have become an epidemic. Improving your immune system is the most practical way out. This means, you are enhancing your body’s strength to stay hale and hearty.

Lemon is found to be the most ideal of all fruits in maintaining the much needed acid-alkali balance. Freshly squeezed lemon juice when added to water or tea, helps the body in maintaining healthy bacteria. It does not favor the acidic environment in which the harmful bacteria and viruses thrive on. Lemon results in the maintenance of a healthy atmosphere within the body. Apple cider vinegar is also found to favour the alkalinity of the body.

Herbal supplements that are widely available are also found to be helpful in boosting the immune system. Certain essential oils are also found to be effective immune-stimulants. It is always advisable to opt for fresh herbs in the place of packaged herbal supplements, as far as possible. This is because in their raw forms herbs are found to possess greater potency.

A good night’s sleep is extremely essential for the body in order to maintain its hormone balance. Sleep helps in regulating growth hormone and the stress hormone, cortisol.  The diet that you take in should be rich in protein content. Protein is a building block that is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body with an effective immune system. Lots of water should also be made part of the diet.

Headaches and increased thirst should be considered as signs of dehydration. Experts advise people with immunity problems to decrease their intake of coffee. If you are willing to take only a single thing to boost your immunity level, eliminate sugar. Artificial sweeteners are doing more harm than good to our body.

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