How to improve your handwriting

improvehandwriting Have you ever felt that your writing could be as elegant and distinct as the writing of the signers of declaration of independence? Most of you must have felt so.

For some people good handwriting comes naturally but for some it may take an effort of life. For some people handwriting has become unreadable because they have been typing at computers for long.

If your writing is too bad to be legible and have often faced embarrassment in public due to this, then you could do something to improve your handwriting.

First let us know that writing with your fingers and wrists is a less accurate way to write. However if you learn to write with the muscles in your arm, your strokes would be cleaner and uniform.

In order to write with the muscles in your arms, practice writing with your arm and shoulder in air with big sweeping movements. Restrain from moving your fingers and wrist.

In order to make your strokes cleaner and smoother get comfortable with lines and shapes before you attempt letters. Always observe other people’s handwriting for clues.

Practice cursive writing, either using words and making sentences or simply putting together random letters.

It’s very important that you develop your own style of handwriting. Depending upon your personality traits you can choose your handwriting style, it could be anything between simple and straightforward handwriting to a curvaceous one.

Always prefer writing on a ruled exercise notebook rather than a non- ruled one. Make every excuse not to write on personal computer. Instead try writing on paper without employing shortcuts. This could be helpful in developing shoulder muscles and eye hand coordination.

For everyday writing use a comfortable writing pen with a comfortable grip but there is no harm in trying with other kinds of pen like markers, wide tip pens, sketch pens, color pencils, ink pens and even calligraphy pens. These can add artistic qualities to your script and matter.

It is very important to realize that it is an ongoing process to practice and perfect your handwriting. To really improve you should exhibit perseverance and dedication and work with enough inputs unless it becomes visible in your handwriting and then it becomes a natural behavior. So practice, practice and practice until you start writing elegantly and distinctively.


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