How to improve your marriage

Enhancing the quality of your marriage relationship does not involve Herculean attempts or massive struggles. No dramatic changes are required from the part of you and your spouse. It is after all, the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. Similarly, small gestures and minimal alterations can together make your relationship stronger and enduring.

Increased intimacy through improved communication is the target that you need to achieve. Especially, if your relationship is nearing the edge of a wreck, communication is the toughest thing to practise. Though you try hard, words will simply refuse to come your tongue tip. Many a times, situations might not be favourable as well.

But, you need to produce some positive energy flow in order to tackle the situation. One easy way to improve your relationship is to plan regular date nights. At the beginning of the month itself, both of you should discuss and decide on outing days. If you have common interests such as driving or trucking, you can easily decide how to spend those days. If not, try visiting favourite spots, beaches or restaurants together.  The ultimate motive is that ‘it should be just the both of you, enjoying each other’s company’.

Another aspect is that of showing respect while conversing with reach other. You should no treat your spouse with contempt since that is most painful. Another tip that is sure to have a positive effect on your relationship is to take the television out of your bedroom. This is sure to enhance the quality of your interpersonal communication.

You are lying when you say despite staying under the same roof; you do not get time to hug your spouse. When you hug, you are expressing your care, love and understanding. A hug is a silent but strong proclamation of the fact, “I am there for you”. Do smile more often and smiling makes you more attractive to your spouse. It is also important to celebrate your special days. The way you celebrate is not very important, but the fact that you remembered the day is.


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