How to keep make the skin shine?

Our skin releases excess of dead cells everyday. They keep on accumulating on our skin. You have to remove them and get rid of them to let the inner skin breathe and feel fresh. Using a scrub twice a week can help you remove the dead skin off. You do not have to go to market and purchase those artificial scrubs; instead you can make your own scrub at home.

Take a spoon of honey and put half a spoon of salt in it. Mix it well and use it as a scrub. It will help to hydrate and moisturize you skin.

Another option you can try is dry the orange peel out in the sun till it is completely dehydrated. Crush it into fine powder and mix with honey, milk or some cream of your choice to use it as a scrub.

You can also rub the outer skin of tomato against your skin and use it as a scrubber. You must avoid this option if you have dry skin.

The other option you can try is grind some wheat in a mixer. Strain it and take the solid particles left in the strainer. Mix it with honey or milk cream and rub gently on the face. It will help you to moisturize your face and remove off all the impurities.

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