How to Keep your Employees Happy

emmployeehappy An organization is made up of employees and it is every important for you, as a manager, to keep your employees happy and in a good spirit. Creating a happy and motivating work environment enhances productivity and leads to better results, beneficial for the employee as well as for the company. Read below to find out how you can keep your employees happy.

To keep your employees happy, you need to keep your employees motivated. While there is no denying the fact that monetary incentives and promotions are always motivating, there are also other kinds of motivation that can lift up the spirit of the employees and encourage them to work harder for better results.

In today’s tough economic scenario, it is difficult for an employer to provide increments as source of motivation. However, there are other options and alternatives too. For example, you should try to create a positive and healthy work environment and also appreciate your employee’s hard work. Little words of appreciation too act as magical words to make an employee happy.

Small gestures from your side like celebrating your employee’s birthday, rewarding a person with excellent performance, organizing small parties and get tog ethers and other little things can make a huge difference. You should also ensure that your company caters to basic needs of every employee.

To create a healthy work environment, there should be a level of transparency in your company. Office politics are everywhere but you should ensure that your employees can feel free to consult you for any professional problem.

Also, you should gain the confidence of your employee so that the latter does not feel that you follow any kind of favoritism in office. Rewards should be given according to merit and performance, not seniority.

This will keep the employees interested and will also help you gain better performance from every employee. Thus, it is a two way gain.

As an employer, keep the above given tips in mind to have happy and motivated employees in your company.


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