How to let go off a relationship

Being dumped, of course, is painful. You will be so heart broken that you will feel not to fall in love again. But life moves on and time wait for no man. It is utter foolishness to ponder over lost love and live in solitude.

If you are the “other woman” in the love triangle, waiting for a man to leave his present love, please think again. If he does it today to another woman, he is sure to do it to you tomorrow. Another problem with lovers is that they set very low standards for themselves. Sometimes, you tend to hope against hope and continue an affair even though you are sure that this guy will cheat you in the end. You need to respect your sentiments better and understand that you do deserve more. It is always necessary to check with yourself whether you are happy with the guy with whom you go out. You can’t get engaged in a long lasting relationship with a person whom you wish he were. Accept the reality as it is and be sure about your love.

In love, the best predictor of a person’s future behaviour is his past behaviour. There is absolutely no point in waiting endlessly for a person to change his present behaviour. As far as there is ‘history’, we can make conclusions and do not have to make assumptions.

Being bold enough to say “NO” when needed, is another basic principle. You just do not have to be frightened to decide who all should be there with you to share your life. After all, it’s your life.

Love can occur to anyone at any time. You need to trust again, and then only can you move on. For that you need to believe in yourself. Not all men will be of the same flock. How can others be responsible for the mistakes that your ex made? However, getting hurt is part of love relationship. What is needed is a relatively good level of confidence to tackle such situations. Don’t give too much to any relationship. This is because if you do so you will be emotionally drained, if that particular relationship does not work out well. Last but certainly not the least, you need to make your stand clear to your ex, before ending it all.


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