How to maintain a flat belly

Diet experts feel there are several causes for your tummy to remain bloated, from food intolerances to constipation. Avoiding constipation is found to be the most effective way to procure a flat tummy. A diet that is low in fiber and fluids is sure to lead to constipation. Along with a fiber rich diet, it is important to give due prominence to physical activities.

The recommended daily dietary intake of fiber for women is twenty five grams and for men it is thirty eight grams. You can easily increase the fiber intake by including more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts in your diet. Your body requires a minimum of eight glasses of fluids daily.

Food allergies and lactose intolerance also lead to gas accumulation and abdominal bloating. But it is important to get these symptoms confirmed by your doctor. It is not a wise step to self-diagnose these ailments and take away healthy dairy products and whole grains unnecessarily from your diet.

If you are suffering from lactose intolerance, it is advisable to take in more aged cheeses and yogurts, which are considerably lower in their lactose content.

Eating quickly without properly chewing the food is yet another wrong practice that leads to tummy bloating. As you chew your food fast, you are likely to swallow air into your digestive tract which burst up your abdomen.

You need to enjoy the food that you eat by slowly chewing it before swallowing. An ideal meal time is one that lasts for a minimum of thirty minutes. It is wise to keep in mind that digestion actually begins the moment you place the food in your mouth.

Moreover, as you chew and take more time to eat, you end up snacking less in between the meals. Thus, as you eat slowly, you are actually decreasing your overall food intake. People who want to get rid of their bloated tummies should also eliminate carbonated fizzy drinks from their daily menu.


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