How to maintain curly hair

As the nursery rhyme goes, rosy lips and curly hair makes one a pet of all. Though nice to be seen, curly hair is difficult to be managed. But, with a little care and effort, you can easily manage those thick curls.

Although you might be tempted to do so, never brush your hair when it is wet after a shower. It is better to use an absorbent towel after applying shampoo on your curly hair. Thus you can easily get rid of that extra moisture that settles on the curls.

Curly hair is likely to get knotted easily during sleep. As far as possible, rest your head on a satin pillow during sleep. Curly hair generally lacks moisture. So, if you find it extremely difficult to manage the curls, make use of an effective good quality hair gel. Ensure that your curls are kept well trimmed. In order to avoid split ends, snip the bottom of your hair strands at regular intervals.

Never forget to carry an effective anti-frizz serum in your beauty kit wherever you go. This cream should be applied to your hair as soon as it is dried. If you do not have time to bath before going out, apply the serum onto your curls and crumple them well to get the desired result. It is not advisable to try ironing your thick curls.

In order to avoid constant frizz, take good care of your mane by using quality conditioners, creams, balms, mousses, serums and sprays. Curly haired people often resort to salon experience to get their hair treated well. But the fact is that with good quality products, the desired effect can be produced at home with out having to pay the beautician’s bill. But make sure that your shampoo, conditioner, Frizz Ease Mousse, texture spray and other smoothing products are meant exclusively for curly hair. Do not forget to make use of a comb that is wide-toothed. A good ceramic round comb will also serve the purpose effectively.


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