How to make a beauty tools kit

At some point of our lives, all of us are sure to have made that blank stare at the mirror wondering what exactly must be done to make yourself ‘up’. Our faces are all in a way canvasses out of which true masterpieces can be carved out. What we need are the right tools. All your attempts to beautify your face will end in utter failure if you are not equipped with an adequate beauty tools kit. Only when applied with the right tool will any beauty product provide the desired result.

Starting from the top, your eyes itself need an eyebrow brush, an eyelash curler and an eye shadow brush. Eye brush sees to it that all your eyebrows are held in place and you do not look like a puppy. As you brush your eyebrows they will get smoother. Eyelash curler should be included in the beauty kit of those ladies whose eyelashes do not get curled naturally. The width of your eye shadow brush should not exceed half an inch. It should be wide enough to sweep the shadow over the eyelid in just a single sweep itself. But it should not be too wide, as that will make the shadow cross the crease of the eyelid. Sponge applicator exclusively meant for eye shadows helps in the smooth application of eye shadow on the eyelids. It also helps in blending colours.

Makeup sponge
is yet another important ingredient of a good beauty kit. This tool helps you in the even distribution of your blush across your cheek. It is of great help when it comes to mixing of different blush-on colours.

It is wise to go for powder brushes that are thick and gentle. Brushes are preferred to puffs by beauty experts as the former helps in a more even distribution.

You need to have a separate brush for foundation powder. An appropriate brush aids effective and precise blending. A good powder brush is one with a head full of bristles that are shaped like a round dome. A blush brush is different from powder brush in that the soft bristles of the former will be slightly tampered. Always ensure that the bristles are not too hard, as they will refuse to bend when the powder is being applied. It is always wise to go for quality purchases, since they are sure to last long.


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