How to make a budget holiday plan

If not equipped with a well-set budget plan, holidays are sure to be expensive. With just a month left for December, Christmas bells have started ringing. If you have not yet planned the holiday budget, do not despair; for it is better to do it now than in November.

Wondering where to start from? Your check-book register is the ideal starting point. Get a clear picture about your account balance. Once you know what you really have, you can make a budget plan on how much you intend to spend on gifts. Apart from gifts, holiday meals, surprise tours, office parties etc should also find place in your holiday budget. If you have a really large family, it is wise to draw lots and gift only those whose names have been drawn. Thus you do not have to buy too many gifts. It is essential to make everybody realise how important it is to limit on holiday expenditure. Tell younger ones that they can enjoy Christmas but not at the expense of next summer holidays. In that case, sticking to the set budget plan will be made a matter of pride of the entire family.

You need to have clear list of priorities in your mind. This will save you from feeling guilty over a particular purchase. Actually, you do not have to keep away all your shopping for December. Bit by bit, you can spread your shopping to a course of several months. This will lighten the financial strain that you will otherwise experience during December. It is always wise to use cash, instead of cards for shopping as this will avoid unnecessary expenses. As we all know, it is harder for us to let go of real money. As you enjoy shopping, do not forget to make detailed records in order to know what you bought, for whom and for how much. This will help in tallying what you spent with what is left in your account after the holiday.


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