How to make Christmas cards

Christmas certainly is a time of celebration. Cards have become an inevitable part of Christmas joy. Homemade Christmas cards are definitely better than ready-made cards bought from stores. Homemade cards can be made extremely personalised by adding your photo or that of your family members or pet. If you have not yet started creating cards, it is high time you bought craft items to make them.

The very first thing to decide on card making is the choice of theme. Do you want to settle on a traditional theme this year? Or do you want to send colourful red or green cards with gold trimmings? Or do you want to convey the warmth of your greetings in the classic style with the black and white card shades? Whatever be your decision, stick firmly to the decided theme and buy the required items.

Many of you might be finding it difficult to arrive at a conclusion regarding the card theme. Here are a few ideas. Snow flakes, Christmas star, Christmas trees, a sentence of warm wish can all be considered. Among them, snowflakes and Christmas stars still go on to be the much sought after Christmas card design.

If the selected theme is snowflakes, cut a white card and punch snowflake images on it. The snowflakes can be of different sizes. Christmas wish can be made with Brilliance ink. Then, mount onto metallic blue basic blank card. The snowflakes can be pasted on both the blue and white parts.

If you want to send a warm greeting in the form of a beautiful and symbolic Christmas card, go ahead. First the design of the star should be traced on a metallic white card. The star should then be cut out. Then it is time to mount the design onto a blue metallic long basic card. Using brass stencil, you can easily carve the shape of the three wise men on the card. Based on your discretion colours can be applied. To provide a touch of perfection, the card can be bordered with a white marker.


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