How to make Garlic acne pack?

Garlic is very popular with wide variety of people. Scientist has tested and claimed for it to contain healing and curing medicinal properties. The garlic paste is available in the market in ready made form but I prefer to purchase fresh garlic and use it for my daily activities.

Garlic is very effective in treating acnes. Take few cloves of garlic and rub it on your face over the pimple affected area 5-7 times a day and you will get quick results. Also you can opt to eat raw garlic everyday it helps to keep you away from gastric troubles. It keeps your stomach clean and maintains a proper digestive system.

It helps to flush off the excess of toxins and harmful products out of your body and keeps you fit. With the removal of harmful chemicals it makes your blood pure from inside and helps your body to develop a strong immune system to fight against germs and diseases.

You can even mash the garlic and blend it into a paste and apply on your face. Let the paste dry for few minutes say for ten minutes. Let it dry and wash off the pack. Pat it dry. Apply it every alternate day.

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