How to make paper angels

Paper angels are sure to be in high demand during Christmas season. As Christmas day approaches, they find place simply everywhere, among Christmas gifts, on the Christmas tree, above the Christmas star and where not? You do not have to spend money to buy them this time. With a little effort, you can carve out cute little angels.

Cardboard can be used to make the tiny wings and arms. At first, draw two wings of standard size. Of course, size does not matter much, but they should be in proportion with the general size of the body. Ensure that both the wings are attached at the centre.

Now the paper cup should be cut down the centre so that it lies flat. Place this on the top of the selected paper and trace around it. The traced portion should then be cut out. This will serve as the angel’s body.

Wrap the body around in such a way that the edges meet. Then using hot glue gun, fasten them together. Now, you have in your hands a cone that resembles an original paper cup. Now the templates that you have made for the wings and arms should be placed on the construction paper. Then, trace around them and cut them out.

The wings should be centred on the back portion of the body, just beneath the pointed tip. Ensure that all pieces are glued well and kept in place.

Now, the arm pieces should be rolled so that you get a long, thin tube. Some additional glue might be required to keep the edges remain together. The middle pieces should be glued onto the back of the body, beneath the wings. The arms can be positioned in whichever way you want them to be. A colourful button can be used to decorate, in accordance with the shade of the face and hair preferably towards the top of the body.


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