How to make the last preparations for labour

So, you have finally nearing the end of that long wait, which once seemed unending. Now, you need to prepare yourself both physically and emotionally to welcome your ‘little bundle of joy.’ Your ‘estimated date of delivery’ is the due date of delivery according to medical calculations. It should be kept in mind that it is absolutely normal for your baby to arrive two weeks before or after the estimated date. Of course, mothers will be impatient if the baby does not show signs of arrival even after the due date. But, it is better to keep away from methods of induction, as it might be painful to the mother and harder for the baby to come out.

Eating the right quantities of food at the right time will enable you to prepare for the strenuous effort. Ensure that your diet includes all the required nutrients in appropriate measure. Your daily intake should include iron, Vitamin D, protein and lots of fluids. Red meat, spinach, lettuces, dairy foods, eggs, nuts, beans etc should be the main components of your diet. Your pregnant body should be supplied with around sixty-four ounces of pure water everyday. As you get very close to your due date increase the intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate rich food materials such as cereal, corn, pasta, potatoes, bread etc will help in the storage of energy in the muscles. Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be eaten. It is better to avoid fatty and spicy food materials.

Along with dietary preparation, you also need to be emotionally sound to face labour. Fear and apprehension can result in increased pain. You can talk to your doctor or to your mother about what part of the labour you are afraid of. Thus you will be able to explore and process your anxiety. If, by any chance, there is a strain in the relationship between you and the child’s father it is better to somehow sort it out before the baby really comes into your world.


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