How to make toddlers behave properly

Toddlers should certainly be trained to distinguish between what is good and what is bad for them. Right things are those, which do not cause any harm to them where as wrong things can be classified as those that will result in some or other pain. Toddlers do deserve the focus of all their parents’ attention and care. Wrong manners need to be rectified at the right time itself, since if left unnoticed, such behaviour will be continued through out their lives.

It is not advisable to punish the child at the very first instance of misbehaviour. Calmly make him understand the consequences. Small punishments can be given if the child repeatedly ignores the warnings given to him. The punishments like making the child stay at child gate for long, making him sit in one corner for long etc are enough to make him realise the mistake.

If you find your toddler constantly disobeying you, certainly there ought to be a definite reason. Identify the correct reason behind his misbehaviour. Never hit or shout at your toddler harshly, especially in front of guests. Such a severe step will adversely affect the warmth of the relationship shared by you and the child.

Without cutting down his freedom completely, set limits for him. Make him aware of the restricted places in the house such as windows, steps etc. This is the most ideal way to save him from injuries. Also encourage your child to read stories with appropriate morals. This will help your child to familiarise himself with the set standards of discipline and good behaviour. Always find time to explain the stories to them.

Temper tantrums are the means through which the child gives vent to his suppressed frustration and anger. The extent of the temper tantrum depends upon the intensity of his irritation. Their mood swings can be rightly tackled only by finding the precise reason for their particular behaviour. Let them take own time to settle down. Calmly make the kids understand why they were subjected to the restriction.


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