How to make your busy holidays romantic

Many times we all have felt, at the end of a week’s holiday, that it has left us even more stressful. Instead of feeling refreshed, we feel dull. Of course, we might not be able to completely get rid off our worries even during holiday season. We all do carry along with us certain bits of our daily affairs, which are sure to pester our minds even on holidays. Many of us are forced to carry our laptops also, as part of official work. Such things prevent us from taking that ‘much-needed break’.

But, we can certainly manage to keep at least one evening alive and romantic. That evening is sure to bring back the lost romance and will be worth remembering. Keep away all the ‘so-called important’ files aside, switch off your mobile phones and lap tops and get ready for a romantic dinner. It should be an ideal one with candlelights, wine and, of course, your favourite dishes. It certainly should be set in a place admired by both you and your partner.

Many people, mostly men, love to spend their hols at home. In that case, a home dinner can be made romantic. In a way, home dinners give you the desired privacy and will also keep you away from the fighting holiday crowds. Enjoy the homely dinner prepared with love and feel the peace of home enveloping you. Home dinners also give you the chance of being most informal and both you and your partner can dress down as much as you prefer.

Make the dinner a creative experience. If both of you are ardent travel lovers, reproduce the exotic restaurant atmosphere of a tour, at home. For example, if Italy happens to be your favourite tour spot, prepare Italian food for your romantic home dinner. Go for Italian wines, play an Andrea Bocelli CD and do not forget to light candles. There you are in ‘Italy’! And that too, with out having to spend a cent and with out losing a bit of your privacy.


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