How to make your hair grow faster

This remains the most frequent question that beauty experts are forced to encounter with. Though the reason behind people’s wish to get long hair may be varied such as getting married, or meeting their future in-laws, they all need to make their hair longer in a matter of just few weeks.

However, the fact to be understood is that there is not instant hair growth treatment available in our universe. No magic hair-growing bullet is available.

Though your need is to grow either a short bob or to grow long flowing locks, you will have to consider a variety of factors. If you wish to get long hair overnight, you will have to look for artificial hair extensions such as ponytails or long wigs.

Of course, there are certain factors that favorably boost the potential of your hair growth. But it is indeed foolish to believe that you can sleep with trimmed hair one night and wake up the very next morning to see yourself in the mirror with one–inch long hair strands.

However, it should be kept in mind that some people are genetically gifted with the potential of rapid hair growth. But, in most cases, hair strands are found to grow at a maximum pace of six inches a year.
Certain dietary factors are found to inhibit hair growth.

This includes imbalanced diet, increased caffeine intake, overdose of alcohol, nicotine and other recreational drugs. All dietary inclusions that are found to serve as vitamin robbers make an adverse effect on the natural hair growth pattern.

Stress, age and health problems are certain other factors that also slow down the pace of hair growth. Lack of adequate sleep, highly chlorinated water and exposure to harsh and dry weather are yet other factors that can cause the hair strands to make a dead stop in their growth cycle.  Positive lifestyle does make a direct impact on healthy and long hair flocks.


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