How to make your skin supple

A clean, moist skin is always enviable. Supple skin is essentially linked with drinking lots of water and nutritious fluids. Water helps in cleansing the body cells and making them revitalized.It is advisable to spray water on your face up to six times during a hot day. Never dry your face with a towel. Let the water remain on your face and get naturally dried off after a few minutes. Then, you can apply a good moisturizer in order to trap the water content.

Before going to bed, try using a gentle cleanser after warm water wash. Then an effective night cream can be applied on the face. It is extremely important that you drink up to eight glasses of water daily. Water consumption should be uniformly distributed throughout the day.

GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) is found to be the substance that best promotes healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. Evening primrose oil, black currant oil and borage oil, taken in capsules form or in the form of dietary supplements are good sources of this beautifier.

Nutritious diet also plays a major role in making your skin smooth and supple. It is advisable to increase your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids by including more salmon, mackerel, sardines or walnuts in your diet. Taking fish-oil capsules are also found to be beneficial.

To promote healthy skin, sunscreens should be inevitably used whenever you expose yourself to sunlight. Ensure that the sunscreen that you use suits your skin type. Continuous sun exposure is powerful enough to damage the skin prematurely. Dry skin might also indicate an under active thyroid. If you find your nails also to be brittle, it is high time you consult a health expert.

In order to make dry skin supple and radiant, dermatologist often prescribe skin soaking for less than half an hour. However, it should be ensured that the skin is not brought into direct contact with soap and other chemicals during the soaking session.


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