How to minimise snoring

Tired of being crucified for not letting your partner sleep peacefully? Wondering whether there is any method to get rid of your snoring habit completely? Well, the answer is partially ‘yes’ and partially ‘no’. Some people in certain specific circumstances are found to be lucky as they succeed in overcoming the menace completely.

The most effective among the self-help tips is to try sleeping on your side. Alcohol and cigarettes are staunch enemies of a pleasant, deep sleep. Resorting to sleeping pills also worsens the situation. If you keep your body free from all side effects caused by sedatives and other unnecessary chemicals, you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep rhythm. At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, set apart a few minutes for exercises. Small frequent food intakes should be preferred to large and extended meals. Also ensure that the pillows you use serve their purpose and gift you with ultimate relaxation. Side sleeping pillows can also be tried out.

The next major concern is regarding the sleeping position. You can try out different positions as soon as you get into the bed and finally settle on one in which you are fully comfortable.

If none of these tips help you in tackling the snoring menace, you should seek expert advice. Certain mask-like devices are available in the market to help you solve the problem. These masks ensure that more oxygen reaches your system. The newly introduced air makes the throat inflated and as a result clearer breathing is made possible. Apart from these masks, certain drugs and sprays have also been introduced to make your nights calmer. The sprays break down the mucous and reduce the extent of snoring.

Even if the medications fail to bring you relief and if you crave for a quieter night, snoring surgery is the only option. But, be informed that it is extremely expensive and the post-surgery phase can be painful as well.


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