How To Moisturise Baby Skin

It is extremely important to keep the baby’s skin hydrated. It is because, compared to mature skin, infant skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster pace. So, as parents, you need to keep the baby skin soft. It is advisable to apply effective moisturisers on the baby’s skin after every bath to let it glow with radiance. It is not a bad idea to moisturise the baby skin even after every diaper change in order to make it supple and soft.

Ensure that the moisturiser you use on the baby is exclusively meant for the purpose. Baby moisturisers are those that are clinically proven to be soothing and relieving when applied on dry skinned babies. As you purchase the baby moisturisers, check whether Vitamin E, olive leaf extract and skin-essential minerals etc get listed in the list of ingredients. All these elements work together in unison in exclusive formulas in order to retain moisture on the baby’s delicate skin.

Special care should be taken since the baby’s skin is being constantly exposed to urine, stool and spit-up milk. That is why it is all the more important to clean and moisturise the baby skin. It is also ideal to opt for cleansers that are formulated to hydrate and nourish the dry skin of your baby.

If not adequately protected and kept moisturised, the delicate skin of the baby is likely to be chapped in the cold and arid weather conditions. Moisturising lotions help in retaining the body temperature. After every bath, apply baby lotion or cream after gently patting the baby dry with a soft towel. Do not apply pressure while rubbing the lotion on the baby’s skin.

It is important to apply moisturisers while the skin is still fresh and wet after the bath. Only then will the moisture be effectively sealed within the body. Natural emollients such as shea butter, Vitamin E, and squalene are found to be great on the baby’s skin.


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