How to plan your meals

Mealtime should always be a time of joyful togetherness. All other foods of the day, (be it the busy breakfast or the even busier lunch) are always gulped down at places other than home with thousand thoughts in mind. No wonder, most of us can not even recollect what we had as yesterday’s breakfast. But, meal should be eaten in an essentially peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Well-prepared and planned meals play an important role in healthy eating. They should rich in nutrition, but not necessarily grand.

In order to prepare nutritious meals without spending too much time and money, you need to be thoroughly organized. Shopping list, cook book, pantry and meal planner are the basic tools that help in organized cooking. Shopping lists helps you in making efficient trips to grocery and vegetable stores. A good shopping list that includes all that you really need saves much of your valuable time with out having to overspend money. It also limits impulsive on-the-spot purchases to the minimum.

Cook book is where you can save all your required recipes in an organized manner. You can have more than one cook books, like one on your family’s favourite dishes, one on healthy dishes, one on holiday specials etc.

The daily Meal Planner book is the most effective method of making that perfect balance of healthy food choices over the course of the week. By this way you can not only plan your meals in advance but can also ensure that your week’s meal contains all the necessary food factors. .

A well-stocked pantry is yet another requisite for healthy meals quickly. Ensure that your pantry does not run short of stocks. The diet plan of your meals should be complete and balanced. Always keep your meals simple by including more whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits. Juices and salads are always welcome. Make sure that oily snacks, fatty favourites and sugary sweets do not come any where near your meal table.

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