How to plant Bougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas are those plants, the colourful flowers of which look like crisp paper and last long. The most important thing to keep in mind while growing bougainvilleas is that they need plenty of sunshine and water. They feel at home only in an environment that is similar to the tropical climate. Neither an occasional frost nor a cold wind is welcome. The plants will grow healthier in full day sunshine. Bougainvilleas also need a strong support to climb on. It is ideal to plant them when the climate is warm. The plant will like to get rooted in sandy soil in to which compost has been added.

However, though they like dry climate, never fail in watering them daily. Make sure that they get a minimum five hours of proper sunshine. Bougainvillea plants that stand in shady areas are least likely to bloom well.

It is ideal to supply your bougainvilleas with a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous. Iron and magnesium will also do good to the plants. However, fertilising should be done on the basis of the particular soil type. Take care not to over-manure, as it will be destructive. They need to be pruned well during winter end or by the late, by early spring. Fresh growth begins after the first flowering.

If you already have a healthy bougainvillea plant, it is a wise idea to start more plants from it. The cuttings taken from the mother plant need to be four to six inches long. Before immersing them in rooting hormone, the bottom leaves should be stripped and moistened. It is better to plant them initially in small pots filled with sand and fertiliser. Only after they develop roots should you transplant them to a sunny spot in your garden. Make sure that the soil in this desired spot is always kept moist for a week or so. After that, your bougainvillea plant will not be affected even if you do not water it for a couple of days.


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