How to prepare your child for a sibling

The easiest way to help your child welcome the new addition to the family is to get him involved in the excitement. They should also be made part of the pregnancy and upbringing.

The earliest step to be made is to let them spread the news that you are expecting. Encourage them to make phone calls to family and friends and convey the news that a little baby is on his way.

Children are sure to be greatly pleased when they are congratulated in return for their promotion as a “bigger sibling.”

They will slowly consider that what is coming to their family is something very good and exciting.  The entire family should actively help the older child in adapting to the changed scenario.

It is also a good idea to keep your child well updated regarding the different stages of the foetal growth. Try taking them to prenatal exams and let them listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Slowly, the concept of a new born baby will become a realistic one in his mind. Always ensure that your first child does not feel left out.

He should not be left to be surprised by anything. It is better to make him involved in all the planned events that take place within the family.

It is better to discuss with him as you prepare the play room for your younger baby. Let your older boy have a say on where the toys, cradle and other accessories can be placed in the room. It will make him feel older and more responsible.  He will gradually learn to take care of his little brother.

If you happen to be torn in between two names for your new child, let your first child act as the tie-breaker. If the older child is old enough to select a name, it is better to let him come up with a cute name for his sibling.


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