How to prepare yourself to lose weight

Decided to somehow bring down weight? Well done, half the battle is won. If you need to bring down lots of weight, it is advisable to cut it down, step by step. A drastic reduction will do more harm than good. So, initially set for yourself mini goals such as ‘losing one kilo.’ Achieving these small goals will be easier and more motivating. As the weight lowers, you will no longer feel lethargic and it will be easier for you to exercise. It is ideal to couple fat-burning aerobic activities with toning exercises in order to attain gradual and systematic removal of excess fat.

It is important to consult a doctor and get a thorough check up done. Once you get a clear card from the doctor you can start exercising. It is better to “walk well before you run.” Start by covering shorter distances first. Gradually, increase both time and distance. Once you find it easy to walk, try doing aerobic activities. This includes cycling, jogging, swimming etc. Later, you can switch over to toning sessions including those with lightweights.

Losing weight is sure to make your skin sag. Never forget to apply quality body-firming cream daily to make your skin supple and smooth. Skin has for itself a powerful system of tightening as is evident from wound healing. Biological skin tightening happens as fibroblasts pull collagen strands together. Then they are attached by fibroblast in such a way that the strands are kept elastic and soft. Lysyl oxidase, the enzyme used to unite the strands is formed from copper 2 and vitamin C. Concomitant use of hydroxy acids like salicylic and lactic also helps in the removal of older skin cells and thus promotes its tightening. Thus, it should be ensured that your body is supplied with adequate quantities of these nutrients. If by any means, your daily diet is not capable of supporting your body’s increased need for nutrients, it is wise to rely on vitamin supplements.

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