How to prevent acnes

Are you a teenager who loses sleep due to acne problems? Relax, for you are not alone. Acnes continue to cause distress and embarrassment to many teenagers all over the world. Pubescent girls are more under acne threat due to the hormonal imbalances that occur within their body at the onset of menstruation.

Excessive production of oil by the sebaceous glands is the major cause of acnes. It is a depressing fact that acnes make their ugly appearance mainly on the most visible parts of our body like face and neck. Most of the acne prevention creams contain specific compounds that are found to be effective. Make sure that the cream chosen by you contains benzyl peroxide (sometimes in combination with the antibiotic erythromycin). This compound acts as an efficient clearing agent.

There is absolutely no point in dieting or scrubbing in order to get rid of acnes. What you need to do is to avoid fatty junk foods and oily snacks as far as possible. Keeping the skin clean and hygienic is also important. Regular cleansing will keep acnes at bay. However it is not wise to use tooth pastes and such other harsh materials for face washing. Astringents are capable of interfering only with superficial oils. They are not an effective means of acne prevention as they result in skin contraction. Contracted skin makes the pores clogged and thereby worsens the situation.

The best treatment against acne is to wash the face regularly with a mild cleansing agent. Regular hair shampooing is also necessary as it will check excess hair oil from disseminating onto the face. It is advisable for people with oily hair to choose a short-hair cut pattern, as oily hair type can result in facial oiliness. Excessive exposure to sunlight is also not good for acne prone skin. Acne blemishes should never be rubbed or pinched.


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