How to prevent preterm labour

Preterm labour happens when an expecting mother delivers her baby before the onset of the thirty seventh week of pregnancy. However, premature babies also grow up as healthy babies and become normal sized children. But in some cases long term and permanent health hazards are likely. It is always advisable for mothers to carry their foetus till the very end of their pregnancy term.

A variety of factors lead to premature labour. Women with unusually shaped uterus are likely to undergo early delivery. Sudden fall from a steep place or such other similar accidents might also lead to premature labour. However, it is strongly suggested that even slight uneasiness are brought under the gynaecologist’s notice. The administration of certain drugs prevents the contractions from taking place and thereby helps in reversing the onset of labour.

Some pregnant mothers are found to be at a higher risk for preterm labour. Women with more than one foetus within their womb top this prone list. Chain smokers and drug addicts are also likely to deliver their baby prematurely. Mothers who are either below or above the age group of eighteen and forty are also at an increased risk for early delivery. Alcohol consumption is yet another possible cause.

It is found that there is no point in blaming the mother for the occurrence of preterm labour. Studies indicate that it is quite normal for pregnant mothers to feel mental stress during the pregnant months. Researchers have not found any relation between stress and early labour. The bodily preparations are sure to drain almost all the expectant mothers mentally.

However, increased physical strain is a major cause of premature delivery. It is always advisable to be on the safer side by introducing those lifestyle changes that are recommended for expecting mothers. It is found that expecting mothers can considerably bring down the risk of preterm labour by paying heed to their doctor’s advice strictly.


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