How to prevent the heat from harming kids

Extreme heat, no doubt, is sure to make your kids fall sick. With a little care, you can easily save their tender body from withering away under the hot sun.

The most important step to make is to increase their fluid intake, regardless oft heir activity level. Do not wait for them to come up to you and demand water. Make it a practice to supply them with water at constant intervals.

It is advisable to limit the intake of sugar in large amounts. This will lead your kid to lose more of his body fluid. It is also better to avoid extremely cold drinks as stomach cramps are likely.

Children are sure to sweat heavily during the hot season. Heavy sweating takes away the essential salt and minerals from their body. It is extremely necessary that these minerals and salts get replaced. After every exercise session, make your child drink two to four glasses of cool fluids.  Sports beverages easily replace the salt and minerals that they lose through sweat.

Always ensure that your children wear as little clothing as possible when at home. It is advisable to go for lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Sunburn affects the tender body more severely. Ensure that your kid is well-protected from the harmful UV rays as he goers out into the sun. Apply an effective sunscreen lotion and make him wear a wide-brimmed hat. Sunburn is sure to cause severe damage to their soft skin.

As far as possible, limit their outdoor activities to morning and evening hours. If you happen to notice your child gasping for breath, take him immediately to a cooler place such as a tree shade.

The exertion that he makes under the extreme sun is sure to make his heart pound faster and thereby fall short of breath. It is also advisable to avoid providing your kids with hot foods and heavy meals as it is likely to increase the heat level of their body.


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