How to redden your lips

Does it feel awkward when you are asked to brush your lips as well, when you brush your teeth? But, it does good to your lips especially if they are dark. Brushing removes dead cells and allows fresh ones to replace them. Do not forget to apply balm after the ‘cleansing.’ If your lips happen to be chapped and dry, vaseline is the best option. Never forget to apply an appropriate lip balm before you go to bed everyday.

Drinking lots of water removes toxic substances from the body. A minimum of eight glasses of water is sure to have a positive effect on your lips. It will make the lips redder. Always make it a point to apply a lip liner before applying lipstick. Lipstick contains certain chemicals that are likely to make the skin on the lip surface darker. So, it is advisable to go for lighter shades of lip colour. Pencils and glosses are also better options. Stop using a particular lipstick brand if you find any irregularity or discolouration. If you happen to be a caffeine addict or a chain smoker, you do not have to search for another reason for your dark lips.

If you have peeled skin that stands out from the surface of lips, apply a good cream to level it. An unhealthy diet might be another reason for dark lips. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be made an essential part of your daily diet. Dates play a vital role in ensuring lip health. Taking well-soaked red dates enhances blood circulation. This juice should be taken thrice a week. Applying a thin layer of toothpaste on your lips before going to sleep will also make your skin redder and cleaner. These tips along with a nutritious diet will make your lips red and soft.


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