How To Regulate The Diet Pattern Of Obese Kids

Though it may sound like exaggeration, it is indeed true that overeating might even lead to death in children. It is extremely essential in today’s world that children are trained and equipped with healthy eating habits.

As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are eating in a healthy way. In that way, you can save your child from facing tragic situations in later life such as obesity, illness and in extreme cases a premature death.

It is never a wise practise to skip breakfast. It should be considered as the most important meal of the day. They can be provided with some nutritious porridges or sugar-free cereals during breakfast time. As far as possible, prevent them from taking snacks between meals. Your child should be given a proper idea regarding when all to eat.

Never reward your kids with food. You do have immense varieties of other gifts to choose from whenever your child does some appreciable act. Just for the sake of eating, do not let your child be exposed to food.

Never let your child be busy during leisure time by eating. Many parents buy fast food or oily snacks to their kids as they stand waiting for bus or train. Realise that this is an extremely counter-productive activity from you are part.

When making meals for children, ensure that their particular likes and dislikes are given due importance. But, your mode of preparation should essentially be healthy and natural. Oily crisps, fried foods etc should be given in moderation. Familiarise your kids with eating green vegetables and fresh fruits whenever possible. Fruits like grapes and strawberries can be used as a sweet substitute.

Instead of giving a chocolate bar daily after lunch, give it once a week. No body cares for your kids more than you. So make them happy and healthy by providing a proper diet, regular meals and occasional treats.

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