How to remove blackheads

Blackheads are powerful enough to shake our wall of confidence. It is, by no doubt, a menace that adversely affects our looks. We have every reason to hate it when they pop their black heads from beneath the skin layer. Medically, the occurrence of blackheads is described as the irregularity caused by the oily blockage of skin cells by tiny black lumps. Blackheads occur when dirt gets collected within the sebum pores present on the skin layers. This makes the skin hardened and the tips of the affected skin turns black and hence the name.

It is found that oily skin is more prone to skin irregularities such as acnes, pimples and blackheads as the chances of dirt accumulation is more in this case. Since the maximum oil production takes place on the nose and chin, we are likely to get more blackheads in these parts. It is extremely important that people with oily skin wash their face at regular intervals with an effective cleanser.

However, external treatment alone will not help in providing complete cure from this menace. It is important that your body is supplied with enough quantities of water, in order to flush out the harmful toxins. Bringing down the intake of beverages such as coffee and tea is also found to be helpful in removing the blackheads.

It is not at all advisable to squeeze open the blackheads as squeezing will result in the formation of scars that are even harder to be erased. Squeezing, sometimes leads to infection as well.
It is better to avoid the accumulation of oil n the skin layers by applying an effective astringent.

The use of a good skin toner will help in minimizing the size of the open pores. This will help in tightening your skin, leaving no space for the development of blackheads. The moisturizer that you use should be absolutely oil free, or else the problem will be worsened. It is advisable to use medicated soaps that are exclusively meant for the purpose.


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