How to save your eyes from dark circles

At some point of life, all of us are left to wonder why dark circles are found beneath our eyes. This skin discolouration sometimes signals certain other irregularities such as allergies, tiredness etc. In certain others it gets inherited as a hereditary trait. However, with proper treatment you will be able to bring down the dark shade considerably.

Incomplete protein digestion might lead to these dark circles. This result in the accumulation of light carbon and hence the dull colour. The increased intake of Vitamin B6 and folic acid will effectively tackle this menace. If you find the dark circles disappearing at times, only to make a prominent come back later, it is most possibly due to some allergy. Then you need to clearly make out the allergen. As far as possible, try to avoid the particular substance that result in allergies. Constant dark circles might be a consequence of food allergies. It might also be due to a chemical that comes into constant association with you at work place or home. Avoiding the allergen completely along with taking a multivitamin pill and that will erase the dark circles completely.

Getting proper sleep is your body’s basic need. If you are constantly robbed off your sleep, dark circles will slowly appear beneath your eyes. This is your body’s way of letting you know how exhausted it is. Deficient sleep along with low nutrient supply will slow down the adrenal function. The ineffective functioning of these adrenal glands will also result in the black circles. Your body also need proper magnesium and calcium support in the form of a daily glass of milk.

Appropriate overnight facial masques are also highly beneficial to the facial skin. Cool tea bags, ice cubes wrapped in soft, clean cloth, cucumber slices etc when placed over your closed eye lids will surely give a soothing effect. Such tips can be easily practised daily and is also free from side effects.

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