How to say ‘NO’ to Craving

Human beings are gifted with the wonderful ability to associate certain smells, especially those of mouth-watering dishes, with childhood memories, people and places. Craving for a particular food item usually owes its origin to recurring experiences. For example, if you are used to having your favourite dessert everyday after dinner, you will surely crave for it if it is not brought to you one day. In almost all cases, food cravings are linked with delicious memories. Our brain will automatically stimulate the desire for more of these particular foodstuffs.

By overcoming such craving we can easily get over obesity. It might be difficult for the first few days, but switching over to other favourites is an effective means of preventing craving for food. Like, if you can switch over to your favourite fruit after dinner, you can easily overcome the desire for the sweet, which used to be your dessert. After a few days, be sure, you will crave for the fruit and not for the sweet.

Another way to turn down your desire is to destroy the source of your temptation. If it is a box of chocolate, show the ‘courage’ to throw it away. Eating nuts is an effective method to bring down your craving. Drinking enough water and eating nuts will spoil your appetite and will put an end to craving. Stress is another reason for increased desire for food. If you can effectively bring down the level of stress then you will be able to gain control over your craving for food. Deep breathing exercises is one such stress control method that you can try out. Taking naps by completely cutting yourself from the external world is another effective step to check craving. Distracting yourself from what your stomach wants by keeping away from the usual bakery is another useful step. Even if you are giving in, go only for the most minimal quantities of the particular foodstuff.

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