How to select the right handbag

Most of us are reluctant to give handbags the same amount of scrutiny that is given to a pair of jeans. But the fact is that handbags speak volumes about your attitude. The amazing fact is that a handbag can effectively flatter your shape almost as much as the precise pair of jeans. Moreover, in a flash your style gets enhanced.

Always choose shapes that are contradictory to your general body shape. If you happen to be tall, go for round or hobo bags to compliment your figure. The crescent shaped hobo bags are always held in high demand in chic malls. If you are a person with short physique, tall and sleek rectangular bags will do the trick for you.

So, the golden rule is that rounder people should carry more structured bag with them. It does not mean that your bag should be like a hard box. You can choose from a wide variety of rectangular or square silhouettes in soft leathers or fabrics. Utility is yet another aspect that should be considered while purchasing handbags. Field bags that are flap-topped with buckles help you in carrying around more goods in it. If you have to carry tot diapers and graham crackers along with you, an artsy vintage bag is not suitable for you.

Along with the shape, size of the bag should also be considered. Most women are found to look great when they carry a bag that hits mid-torso. In such a case their waist is flattered. However, remember that a beautiful shoulder bag that stretches up to your waist will draw eyes only to the bag. You should not let yourself be deceived by trendy shades that do not suit your figure. Select your handbags with care.  While at the shop, you should take time to try out different handbags in front of the mirror just like you would apparel.

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