How to select toys

Toys are excellent tools that offer kids ample opportunities to expand their mental trade. Through play, their worlds get stretched further. Toys play a very prominent role in the overall physical and mental development of the child.

As parents, you are likely to be tempted to buy too many toys for your kids. But the question that you should ask while selecting the toy is whether it is truly the right toy, right now, for you child. If you are uncertain regarding the purchase, you should consider a few toy-related facts.

Safe toys are those, which have smooth edges. If it is plastic toy, ensure that it does not have brittle parts. A choking hazard is likely if the toy has small detachable parts like magnets or eyes. Toys made of lead should certainly be discarded. Children below the age of six should not be gifted with lead -based toys as exposure to lead is found to bring in learning disabilities. Hearing and speech trouble are also related to lead exposure.

It is also advisable to check the age guidelines provided on the cover of most quality toys. The toys given for kids should necessarily be age-appropriate. Also ensure that the toys, especially vehicle toys, given to your kid are of the right size. Kids will be able to enjoy only those toys that of the accurate size.

Toddlers below the age of three are likely to put all toys in their mouth. As a safety measure, never allow kids to play with an un-inflated or broken balloon. It is also wise not to expose them to marbles and tiny balls. It is better to select household art materials, including crayons and paint sets that are certified by a toxicologist. Your older kid should be trained to keep away hazardous play materials from his younger sibling. It is also advisable to teach them to put their toys away when they have finished playing so that no one else trip over the abandoned toys and fall down.


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