How to smell good

The first impression is always the best impression, where as the last impression is considered to be the lasting one. If so, extreme care should be taken while selecting your fragrance, as it responsible for both the first and the last impressions made about you. Your ‘smell’ is indeed a strong personal message sent to those with whom you associate. The scent triggered by your perfume lasts with the people whom you meet, even after you leave their company.

Before selecting perfumes, be aware of your particular skin type. The same perfume smell differently in different individuals.  So, do not be tempted to buy a particular fragrance that you felt to be wonderful when used on your friend. As you test the various scents in the store, always try the perfume straight on the skin. It is not wise to decide on the fragrance by smelling the bottle. Smell of the perfume that is sprayed to a piece of paper will also not reveal its effect on you. Allow the perfume scent to settle and react on your body before taking the whiff. Wrist is the ideal spot for perfume testing.

If you have oily skin, the essential oils present in the perfume will react with the body oils and will result in an extremely intensified smell. If you have dry skin, the fragrance is not likely to stay with you for long. That is why, beauty exerts warn dry-skinned people to apply perfumes on their body as frequent as required.

Perfumes need to be stored with caution. The perfume bottles should be safeguarded from extreme heat. It is advisable to store them in cool and dry shelves. Once opened, it is better to finish the bottle as soon as possible since the scent is likely to be changed in texture with the passage of time. If exposed to sun, the perfume is likely to lose its composition balance.

Perfume selection should also be based on the particular season. It is wise to use lighter scents during summer and reserve the stronger versions for the cooler weather conditions. While applying the perfume on the body, ensure that your skin pores are all open and refreshed after a nice bath.

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