How to stimulate baby’s senses

It is never too early to stimulate your baby’s senses. Right from infancy, you can start developing their comprehension skills. Playing with a ball in one such step. At first, you yourself will have to be both the ‘thrower’ and the ‘catcher’. Roll the ball to the baby and then roll it back to yourself. Repeat it for some time and soon the child will get the hang of it.

Your baby should be considered as a “little adult”. Keep talking to him or her. Talking does not mean mere gurgling or cooing with them. You can speak to the child in the same fashion you speak to other family members. Avoid speaking in a singsong manner, as the child is likely to ape it. Speaking in proper language with right intonations and will help the child in mastering the language easily.

Your baby can be encouraged to walk by letting her stand by holding firmly to windowpane or table or other furniture. Of course your hands should be kept around them like a shield of security. Keep a favourite toy on the bed and the child is sure to stretch hard to reach it. By extending the distance between the baby and the toy you can slowly bring him to take a few steps ahead.

Never force your baby to do something. He should enjoy what he is doing. If he appears to be tired, stop making him do it. It should be kept in mind that a baby will respond more when he is being fed. Ask him to open his mouth. Ask him whether he liked the food. Compliment him whenever he does what you say.

Once the baby starts sitting by himself and if one or two teeth have come out you can buy him a small feeding chair. Though it means a lot of additional work, allow your baby to eat by himself by sitting in this chair. Of course, he will make a fuss out of it. But playing with food is also a big ‘discovery’ for your little genius.


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