How to tackle atopic dermatitis in kids

Atopic dermatitis is found to very common in early childhood. It is estimated that twenty percent of the total kid population are affected by this disorder. It generally occurs before the age of five. Rarely does this disease get initiated in an adult. The term Atopic dermatitis refers to a chronic, recurrent skin disease. Like most other allergies, this disease also tends to run within families. The skin rash developed as a consequence of this disorder is called eczema.

The rashes caused by Atopic dermatitis are formed when affected part is scratched hard. So, if the area remains unscratched, rashes (eczema) can be prevented from appearing on the body surface. But due to severe itching it is practically hard to restrain oneself from scratching the particular spots.

Atopic dermatitis that affects infants is likely to be more severe. Children suffering from atopic dermatitis are much more prone to develop other allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and asthma. It is based on the nature of symptoms and physical examination of the affected patient that atopic dermatitis gets diagnosed. In most cases, patients suffer from severe itching in the affected part.

Eczema that has developed on the skin surface is generally red in colour with small blisters or bumps. Sometimes the inflamed skin gets peeled off by constant scratching. Gradually, the skin on the affected part becomes thickened and leathery.

In infants and very young children the rash generally develops on the face.  Cheeks, chest and back of the scalp are usually affected. In some children, rashes develop on the arms are legs as well. In older children and adults, rashes are mostly found on the skin covering the front of the elbows and back of the knees.

Itching of the skin can be considerably prevented by not exposing the body to possible irritants and allergens such as harsh soaps, strong chemicals, wool fabrics, heat and sweat.


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