How to tackle bed-wetting

Bedwetting, medically termed as Enuresis, is a common issue faced by many families. It is likely that some kids exhibit the tendency to urinate on their bed during sleep till their teenage. There is absolutely nothing to worry about this phenomenon by relating it to any deeper emotional issue. It should be seen as a natural part of their body development and in most cases, kids grow out of it without providing any medication. It is true that bedwetting can result in embarrassment for the family. But never allow the kid to feel a sense of guilt as if he did a grave mistake. Support him emotionally to get over the helpless situation effectively.

Positive reinforcement plays a major role in tackling the situation. Reassure the child by saying that there is nothing abnormal with him. You can comfort him by telling stories of an older sibling or a relative who also struggled with the problem when they were of his age. Always remind your child to go to the bathroom one final time, every night before going to bed.

He should be allowed to drink plenty of fluids during daytime. Try and limit his intake of water during night. It is also advisable to prevent him from taking caffeine-based drinks late in the evening. Some parents also use bedwetting alarms in order to help their kids get over the menace.

Even if you take all these precautionary measures, to your utter dismay, your child might wake up with wet sheets. You might be disappointed, but never let your frustration lead you to scold or yell at the child. But, you can certainly get your child’s help in changing sheets. Tell him that it is part of the process and not a punishment. Never forget to give him an appreciating pat whenever he has a dry night. Bedwetting that commences abruptly should be immediately brought under a doctor’s care as it might signal to other ailments.


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