How to tackle body odour

“Sniff, sniff…. You stink!” These are of course, the most embarrassing of comments to might have ever heard. It is indeed heart breaking as far as a beauty-conscious individual is concerned. Do not worry thinking that your hapless state is incurable. Body odour can be effectively controlled with some home treatments. Body odour or bromhidrosis is the smell of a particular kind of bacteria that grows on the body.

These bacteria multiply as you sweat and increase the body odour. However, sweat in itself is devoid of any smell. Body odour of a person is directly linked with many factors such as gender, genetics, health, diet, medication and many more. The extent of body odour differs from one person to another. Some of the areas that are associated with body odour are underarms, feet, anus, pubic hair and skin.

Severe illness, strong medications, fungal infections, liver problems, kidney diseases, alcoholism, zinc deficiency, toxin presence in the body, cavities, and lack of personal hygiene can all contribute to increased body odour. .

In order to tackle the problem, dietary changes are also needed. Refined foods such as hydrogenated oils and other processed foods should be avoided to the maximum. It is advisable to go for healthy food materials that are loaded with whole cereals, fibre, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Red radish is found to work wonders in curing body odour. A glass of fresh red radish juice should be made an indispensable part the diet. The radish extract can also be applied on the feet, under arms and between the toes after a good shower. Drinking lots of water will also help in minimising the body odour. It will make you smell fresh and sweet. Charcoal capsules will help in the absorption of waste products and will decrease fermentation. Body odour always lingers on clothes. During summer season, when the odour gets worst, it is wise to wear cotton clothes. Ensure that clothes are washed daily.


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