How to tackle cracked heels

Cracked heels not only make you embarrassed but also are painful. But, the fact is that majority of us are forced to encounter with this menace out of our carelessness. Cracked heels are a sure indicator that least is your care for personal hygiene. If left untreated, it is likely to develop as a perpetual trouble.

The dry skin formed around the heels, known as heel fissures, leads to cracked heels. Cracks are formed as the skin gets thickened due to the exertion of continuous pressure. Friction makes the cracks go deeper. Due to negligence, they start bleeding and become extremely painful. In severe cases, even mobility is hindered.

Wrong walking postures, diabetes, exposure to dust, over weight, fungal infection etc are some other reasons that make a person more prone to cracked heels. Obese people should consult their doctor and wear heel cups or heel pads that prevent the heels from moving sideways. Never expose your feet to ill-fitting shoes. The shoes you wear should not be too big for you either.

The most appropriate way to tackle the menace is to keep the soles clean and tidy. While going out, ensure that the shoes you use properly envelop the entire feet. It is important to prevent the feet from coming into contact with dirt, sand and dust. It is advisable to do daily pedicure by keeping the feet in warm water for ten minutes.

A good pumic stone will help in you rubbing away the hardened skin. Ensure that the legs are always kept dried after the pedicure. The presence of moisture is found to do more harm to the cracked soles. Make it a daily habit to apply a good moisturiser on the feet before going to bed.

During winter season, extreme care should be taken to prevent the soles from getting cracked. It is advisable to use soft socks both indoors and outdoors.


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