How To Tackle Decubitus Ulcers

Decubitus ulcer is another name for bed sore. It is resulted by prolonged unrelieved pressure applied on a particular body part. People who are bedridden, unconscious, unable to feel any sort of sensation, and those who are immobile for a relatively long period of time are the mostly affected lot. The severity of Decubitus ulcer ranges from person to person, depending on the extent of pressure exerted. Lack of proper treatment makes the matters worse.

Any part of the body can be affected by this irregularity. However, places where a particular obvious bone spot exists is found to be more vulnerable to bed sore. Hips, heels, tailbones and elbows are the commonly affected areas. This is because in these spots, the skin is very close to the bone and cartilage area.

The most effective step that can be taken to prevent this disorder is to prevent a particular spot from being under continuous pressure. Ensure that all the vulnerable body parts are kept in motion. People who are bed-ridden should be shifted positions at least once in every two hours. If in case, an instance of decubitus ulcer is suspected, ensure that healing treatment gets initiated at the earliest. In people with decreased immunity level, bedsores can have more adverse consequences.

Malnutrition is often found to be a precursor to decubitis vulnerability. People who suffer from this disorder should be supplied with an adequately nutritious diet. Their diet should be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Lack of proper skin care can also lead to this disorder. In cases of people who are confined either to bed or wheelchair, steps should be taken to conduct regular skin check ups. Presence of sweat, urine and such other impurities worsens the situation. Always keep their skin free from moisture.

Shearing and friction that occurs on the skin surface also causes decubitis ulcers. Extreme care should be taken while handling the body of a bed-ridden patient. Soft bedding and pressure release equipment are sure to make the task easier.

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