How to tackle fine hair

People with fine hair are sure to agree that ‘fine’ is not a positive adjective as far as hair is concerned. But, fine hair is found to look better when cut in certain ways. However, you need to have a clear understanding regarding your peculiar hair texture.

Thin hair is not necessarily fine. Hair strands that are small in their diameter are considered by experts to be thin. Some women are found to have abundant thin hair. However, most women complain that their once thick hair has now become fine and thin. Age, diet, stress, medication etc are all decisive factors in hair thinning.

It is always wise for people with fine hair to keep it short. It is advisable that all your fine hair strands are maintained at the same length. Only then will it get that much-needed fuller look. If you have fine and straight hair, it is likely to hold too much moisture.

It is important that such hair is kept clean and dry.It is also better to try applying protein-based shampoos at least once a week. Protein treatment will work wonders on hair that has not been treated chemically.

If your hair is fine and already exposed to chemicals, it is advisable to use a shampoo and then a conditioner that will work on the inside of the  hair. It is better to use the conditioner as away as possible from the scalp.

If the roots are absolutely free of conditioner, the hair is likely to look fluffier. For a fancier look, women with fine hair strands can even try applying light hair sprays and can also apply heat. Hot rollers are also found to be excellent on fine hair.

It should be ensured that your hair sprays do not weigh the hair down. The haircut that you opt for should be one that suits your fine hair texture and highlight your positive facial features.


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