How to tackle fleabites

They say prevention is better than cure. But, in the case of fleas, however hard you try to prevent them; to your utter disappointment, you are likely to spot them on your pet. Fleas do not only feed on your pets but also on you. Fleabites are at the same time irritating and infectious.

If you get a fleabite on your body, waste not even a second in cleaning the affected part. You can use soap and water to clean it. However, it is advisable not to use hot water, as the skin is likely to be irritated more by heat.

Though you will feel like to keep on scratching the affected area, prevent yourself from doing so. If you happen to scratch open a fleabite, it is likely to develop into a wound. That will result in the development of a secondary infection. If you tie your hands up and do not scratch, you are paving way for easy healing. If you find the itch to be persistent, you can try some effective ointments to get over the itching sensation.

The fleabites need to be treated if they get reddened or swollen. In order to reduce the swelling, they can be wrapped up frequently with an ice pack. In case of inflammation, try using some anti-inflammatory cream.

If the condition does not get better even after a two days’ home treatment, you should take it to a doctor. If the fleabite does not cure within a couple of days, you are likely to be infected. In such a case, the doctor will prescribe certain antibiotics as part of the treatment.

It is wise to treat your home with an effective insecticide in order to avoid further flea attacks. Your pets should also be treated in order to get rid of the infectious fleas from their bodies. Flea pet shampoos and flea collar will help you in overcoming the menace with the least effort.


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